The Possibilities are Endless

Travel in a supportive environment

Travel in a supportive environment with like-minded Christians. Have your eyes opened by God’s wonder and follow in the footsteps of Jesus and the Apostles. Become a witness to history while shaping your own future.
Christian Pilgrimage Tours aren’t just a travel experience, they are a formative event, deepening your  relationships with each other, your connection to your faith and your understanding of your place in the world we live in.

Riviera Tours – probably the only travel company in Israel to offer you a family.


Happy Clients


  • “Hi ,I received another super great feedback from the clients the happiness we gave to them is priceless!! I am super touched by the wonderful comments and kudos to you and your team for the careful attention and the almost perfect but for me is really perfect onsite operation”… Agent from.the Philippines
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  • “On a scale of 1 to 10, I/we have the pleasure to rate the service of Riviera Tours, Amazing Grace, Faris and Mina with 9 stars!! 👇👏. Thank you on behalf of the group for a fruitful, meaningful & memorable time. Each of our days was jammed pack going to as many sites as possible,...
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